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File a Claim

And so it begins: Filing a claim

Vermin violated your vintage vinyl? Water washed out your wicker wing chairs? Xercor’s simple claim-filing process can help you put your stress in storage, too. Plus, there’s no paperwork marathon here, just a short sprint to a resolution.

Animated box with broken lamp
In order to submit a claim, you need to first provide some information about what happened. To expedite your claim, follow these simple steps:

1. Notify the Facility
To file a claim through your storage unit insurance policy, first let a facility staff member know a loss has occurred at your unit.

2. Contact the Police
A police report must be obtained if the loss from your storage unit is due to burglary.

3. Take Photographs
Make sure your photos show the full extent of the damage to your belongings clearly and in color. Include shots of your entire unit and unit number as well as close-ups.

4. Protect Your Property From Further Damage
Ensure the property within your storage unit is protected from further damage, if applicable. Hold onto all your belongings, including any damaged property, until a claims adjuster informs you that they may be discarded.

5. Provide Proof of Loss
You must provide proof of loss with all pertinent records to complete your storage unit insurance policy claim. If requested, you must also submit a sworn statement of loss.

Submit Your Claim Information

To submit your claim, we need a little information about you and your circumstances. Please follow the prompts in the form below to complete the process. If you’d prefer, you can also provide your information over the phone at 1-844-769-2904.

Xercor uses DocuSign and email to send claim documents related to your claim submission. By clicking ‘Submit,’ you consent to receiving electronic communications and documents via email. This will allow you to sign documents as well as submit supporting information and photos directly through DocuSign. Click below for full electronic communications disclosures. To opt out of electronic communications, click the check box below.