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You’re not a fortune teller. Protect your possessions from the unexpected.

None of us can see the future. So when you put your valued stuff – like an unused palm-reading book – in storage, it’s best to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

Xercor’s insurance options for self-storage give you affordable protection against possible damage from perils like mold, hail, windstorm, fire, vandalism and burglary. Oh, and don’t forget vermin, too, that catch-all term for any creepy, crawly, fuzzy or furry critter that gets into your stuff.

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File A Claim

Need to submit a claim for damage to belongings in your self-storage unit or space? We keep it simple. To expedite your claim, simply fill out our claim form, and we’ll connect you with one of our licensed adjusters. We’ll take care of it from there.

Coverage Information

Self-storage facilities aren’t responsible for damage to their customers’ belongings while stored in a unit or space. That’s why most rental or lease agreements require customers to insure their belongings. Here’s where Xercor comes in. From vintage vinyl to antique armchairs, see what Xercor covers.

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About Xercor

Xercor was established with input from some of the industry’s top self-storage and insurance professionals, all of whom wanted to offer more to their customers. Today, Xercor fulfills that promise by offering comprehensive, affordable storage unit insurance coverage and unparalleled customer service.